Green Waste Removal in London

What is green waste? Green waste refers to waste that comes from plants and includes leaves that have been shed by trees, the fallen branches of trees, cut grass from lawns, vegetable and flower stalk uprooted from gardens and can any other such plant matter that is considered to be inconvenient to have around. There are quit large numbers of both established and emerging companies that deal with green waste removal within London and its environs. The manner in which these companies carry out the task is more or less the same. Below is a look at the services these companies offer.

  1. Handling of green waste

Regardless of the company in question, the staff is always equipped with the appropriate equipment for the handling of the waste. Thick rubber groves and thick soled rubber boots come in handy in the handling of the green matter as it is loaded into open trucks. Considering that some green waste can prick the skin, as is the case with roses, the groves are quite suitable. Rakes are also vital in collecting the waste into heaps for easier handling. When dealing with green waste that has come into contact with other hazardous materials such as pesticides, the green waste removal crew do make use of face masks to prevent the inhalation of harmful fumes.

  1. Transportation of the waste to processing centers

The transportation of the collected green waste to processing centers is usually carried in closed bed trucks. The tracks are closed in order to contain the spread of foul smelling gases that are emitted as the green matter decomposes.

  1. Processing of the green waste

The green waste collected within London and its environs, is taken to processing facilities in the outskirts of the city. At the facilities automated sifting is carried out to extract any inorganic material that might have mixed up with the organic plant matter. Once this is done the green waste is ground up and put into large airtight cylinder.

Through various anaerobic mechanisms within the cylinders, the waste is broken down to produce methane gas. The gas is fuel that can then be used to generate electricity at the facility. The solid residue that is obtained after the complete decomposition of the green waste is used an a potent organic fertilizer.


Green waste removal in London has become an industry that is yet another example of the increasing awareness towards the conservation and improvement of the environment.

Why You Should Clear Out Your Loft Before Christmas

Most times people turn their lofts into storing places for sports equipment, broken household appliances and other things that are generally considered either useless or outdated in the home. Truth is that clearing the loft before Christmas is a unique way of firstly going down memory lane just before the festive season sets in. In other words, clearing the loft may help set the right mood for the festive season as it is through this task that people often come across old photos and other gifts given by old friends and this would ordinarily rekindle fresh memories and initiate reconnection.

Dust has been known to find safe refuge in areas that are hitherto touched or those that are neglected for a long time. With Christmas round the corner and with guests expected to visit, nothing would be complete turn off like the discovery of dust in the most unlikely of places by mainly a delegation of highly regarded guests. By the same token a cluttered loft is a safe haven for rodents and insects. There’s no stressing surprise like when a rat decides to patrol the house just when a properly homemade, Christmas meal has been laid out on the table for famished guests to savor.

When you have a lot of stuff stored in your loft you create a perfect scenario where a lot of weight is hanging on top of your guests heads. Ceilings are designed to take in just a specific amount of weight and when the loft is transformed into a go-down within the home then the perfect scenario for disaster is being cultivated. With Christmas and guests expected around the house, it is only fair that the hospitality is not compromised by creaking or even falling ceilings.

Christmas is characterized by the cold, snowy season and thus as much heat as possible needs to be conserved within the house, especially when the kids and other invited guests are visiting. Research has shown that un-insulated lofts account for more than 25% of heat losses in homes. Clearing the loft just before Christmas gives a home owner ample time to ensure that it can be insulated early enough in readiness for the festivities. If the loft remains un-insulated then home owners can brace themselves for increased costs emanating from boiler repairs.

De-cluttering the loft can improve people’s moods and augment enthusiasm amongst home owners and their loved ones thus ensuring a well-deserved Christmas break.